jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Angel Laguillo De La Fuente Street

Angel Laguillo de la Fuente is a Poet fromTorrelavega , he was born in a mountain house in his maternal grandparents house on 19 April of 1920 in the hamlet of Viérnoles His live is in Sierrapando, Viérnoles, Torrelavega and Santander, where he died on 3 November of 1972 , he was 52 years. Laguillo and his contemporary, (poet also) José Luis Hidalgo, were together at school, today is a public school (Cervantes), in Torrelavega. Hidalgo and Laguillo, used the platform offered from the group "Proel" to publish his first poems. Angel Laguillo published his first book of poems in 1969.

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