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Fernandez Vallejo Street

Born in Tanos in 18 of July of 1842, Joaquin Fernández Vallejo was mayor of Torrelavega.
He cooperated with Ceferino Calderón Diaz to define the general basis of the foundation of the Asylum, the first major initiative to help the most disadvantaged and assist, where possible, numerous beggars. He was elected mayor by his councilors partners in the session of formation of the new town hall on 1 of February of 1872.
Eight weeks later, the Civil Governor of the Province decided to suspend their duties of mayor and aldermen, on 30 March, forming a corporation with Mayor and former councilors.
Full corporate with Vallejo Fernandez in the lead, decided to obey the order of the Governor, but called the resolution "tyrannical and unjust law."
Open the case against the Corporation, the civil governor finally ordered both the mayor and the councilors to recover their functions, which occurred in the meeting held on 3 of July of that year.
In this first stage, he presided over his last meeting on 25 of August of 1873, when a new Town Hall was Again Fernández Vallejo was appointed Mayor in September 1878 when office José Gutiérrez Gutiérrez. In this second stage he held the mayoralty for over two years since the 6 of November of 1880, with the consent of the Corporation, the Civil Governor has "suspended the authority of the Mayor-President of the City Council to Don Joaquín Fernández Vallejo".
While the Civil Government was ordering the suspension as mayor, Jacinto Gonzalez Tánago was ordered mayor.
He was elected mayor on July 1, 1885, again meeting at which was summoned to take over  the writer of Viérnoles councilor, Gregorio Lasaga Larreta was summoned to take over  but he resigned.
On 22 of May of 1886 he was suspended from office again by the Civil Governor, although he continued as a councilor. It was another trip policy from the conservative side hatched and executed, once again, by the highest political authority in the province.
He died on 17 of October of 1894 and the city council in honor to his efforts for the citizens, decided to name the walkway that connects the village with his hometown Tanos with Viérnoles. It gave the street its name in 1909 when Mayor Florencio Ceruti Castañeda was mayor.

Municipal library (Semblanzas Torrelaveguenses)

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