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Leonardo Torres Quevedo Street

Leonardo Torres Quevedo mathematician, very important in the field of aeronautics and engineering. Born in Santa Cruz de iguana (Cantabria, Santander, Molledo), December 28, 1852. Madrid December 18, 1936. Leonardo studied high school in Bilbao at the Institute of Secondary Education in 1868 is going to Paris for two years to finish studies. In 1874 he finished his studies with 4 being in his class.
His father was an engineer Luis Urquijo Vildósola road in Bilbao where he was railroad engineer who was inspired to do what it was. His mother was Valentina de Quevedo, his maternal grandparents José Manuel Torres Quevedo and Apellinaría de la Maza. Paternal grandparents were José Luis Torres Vildósola.
Spanish was an important inventor in the late nineteenth and early twentieth was Telekino who patented the system and remote control that uses radio waves and perfected in 1906. He invented tribulation in a dirigible (1902-1909) and in 1901 invented a machine to solve algebraic equations of any denegre, was also a player who innovated automatario capable of beating human opponent and in 1920 introduced an electric calculator.


Diccionario/enciclopedia Larousse

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