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Pedro A. Gómez Haza Street

He was born in the 31th january 1937. In Salarzon, a little village of the region of Liebana.
He studied in the  seminary of Palencia, but he also belonged to the parish of his natal village, Salarzon. He studied humanities and in 1953, when the concordat between the Holy See and the government of Spain was form, he came to he seminary of Corban, where one entrusted to him the task of taking charge of this parish.
For his high qualifications, the bishop of Santander, Don Doroteo Fernandez ordained him priest in 1961.
He thought that human beings must know everything about those who preceded them in order to understand their present. He was an expert of the genealogy.
In Santander a new bishop, Don Eugenio Beitia assigned Riocorvo's parishes to him, Yermo and Cohicillos.
In the year 1.970 the bishop of  Santander, Don Jose Maria Cirarda, ordained him a priest of Torrelavega; a new city full of industry which attracted a lot of new people who settled down in a big working-class district.
Pedro Antonio felt attracted by the topics of poverty and social justice. His priest's condition led him to working with the youth underprivileged. With a great pastoral dedication, he promoted associations and spiritual movements with the youth.
P. Antonio came to Torrelavega ready to help the underprivileged and repaired an old church to start his task.
When he started working, he communicated the needs of the parish to the bishop Cirarda, who didn¡t agree to build a new church. He ordered to arrange a building whoere Pedro could meet his parishioners.
1.991 a new prelate, Don Jose Vilaplana, he entrusted  Pedro the difficult task to became the general representative of the diocese of Santander and collaborate with him as the representative general of the diocese of the Santander. He had to share this new job with the one he was devoted to Nueva Ciudad. Pedro is a will always be an example for the new generations.
But a serious and disease warns him that it has to think a bit more in himself. He expired on November 15, 1995 in Torrelavega at the early age of 58 years. He was buried in Salarzon.
In 1996 Torrelavega's council, in gratefulness and to immortalize his memory, assigned a square of "Nueva ciudad” his name "Pedro Antonio Gómez Haza". The place where Pedro Antonio worked so much, he helped to much, as example for the future generations.


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