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Serafín Escalante (street)

D. Serafin Escalante was born in the 18 January 1861. From 1871 to 1872 he studied at the Institute of Santander and continued his studies until 1877 in which year he finished the Bachillerato with an Extraordinary Prize. In 23 October 1879 was issued the title of Academic Judiciary Matritense . On 5 July 1880 was subsidized by the Honorable Delegation of Santander to continue his studies.
In November 1881 the he had got the square pensioned by the Faculty of Arts for the Royal School of San Clemente in the Spanish of Bologna. In this University always scored top marks in all subjects who attended. But unfortunately, became seriously ill and he returned to Torrelavega where he died on 30 September 1884. He was 23. The death of Serafin Escalante, given their circumstances, Torrelavega shocked. The Town Hall dedicated the Plaza Mayor, which gave its name, but the merchants, opposed the name change and got the Place regained its old name as Plaza Mayor. It was then decided to give his name to the Paseo de Tanos and remained so until the council meeting of 24 May 1909, the Mayor Florencio Ceruti, proposed the way Viérnoles to Torrelavega to be called after the name of Joaquín Fernández Vallejo, because he was the initiator of that work, and the Liberty street, which runs from the Plaza de Baldomero Churches to the trading house of Mr Francisco Teira, was given the name Serafin Escalante.

Bibliography: Book "22 streets of Torrelavega."

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