jueves, 16 de mayo de 2013

Jesús Cancio Street

Jesús Cancio was borned in Comillas, Cantabria in 1885 and died in Polanco in 1961. He was a writer, one of the most important in the XXth centhury.
When he was 20, he started to work for a local newspaper where he sent poems and traditional stories.
He started to be known as “The Poet of the Sea”. In 1921, he published his first essay and five years later the second one.
In 1930, he published with Adriano Garcia Lomas a book about the folklore in Cantabria. That year was published Romancero del Mar and he was named favourite son of Comillas.
After Franco´s rise, he was denounced for be republican. He was jailed in Santander in 1938
In 1941, pardon came and he went to Madrid nearly blind. In his nexts books he will focus on Cantabria and the sea.
His most famous book are Olas y cantiles y Bruma norteña. There are schools with his name all around Cantabria, and he also gives the name to a street in Torrelavega.

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