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Augusto González Linares street

On 28th October 1845 Augusto González de Linares was born in Valle de Cabuérniga. He was a famous geologist, mineralogist and zoologist.
First, he studied in the public school and then, in Los Escolapios in Villacarriedo and in the Instituto de Santander. He studied a Natural Science career in Valladolid and a Law degree in Madrid.
He was a mineralogist assistant in the Natural Science Museum, he became the chairman of Natural History department of the Instituto de Albacete and he worked there as a substitute too. In addition, he was named Doctor of Science by the Universidad Central.
In 1875, he led a protest defending the academic freedom, together with Laureano Calderón (chairman of Organic Chemistry department), which tried to regulate the textbooks and the study programmes.
In 1876, he took part in the foundation of a new institution with Gumersindo de Azcárate and Nicolas Salmerón at the request of Francisco Giner de los Ríos. He worked in that organization in Santiago de Compostela as a first secretary and teaching Crystallography and Natural Morphology too.
During his live, he travelled through Europe; he went to the Natural History Museum in Paris and to other places with some figures of the science world.
In 1881, he went back to his professorship, but at the University of Valladolid because the one at the University of Santiago was taken.
Next year, he travelled to Italy to study at the Estación Marítima y Botánica Experimentales in Naples, being designated director of the same institution in Santander at his return. He leaded it until his dead.
As a researcher, he did some contributions in many fields. In Santander, he did a dissection to a whale, showing some mistakes in the theories of other investigators in the same sphere. As a geologist, he manifested the existence of wealdiense in Cantabria. Lots of his investigations were disclosed in the Sociedad Española de Historia Natural.
On 7th May 1904, the ancient Las Herrerias Street passed to be mentioned to Augusto González Linares Street. People who lived in Torrelavega took a lot of time in accepting the new name because they continue calling it as before; finally, they accepted it.
On 1st May 1904, he dead in Santander and he was buried in Ciriego.

Source of information: Hemeroteca de Torrelavega

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