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Julian Ceballos Street

Julián Ceballos Street

Julian ceballos was born in Torrelavega on Febrary 17, 1816. He followed the military career, participating in numerous actions of war, coming to be known with “La Gran Cruz Laureada” of San Fernando. Be Cause of the military campaigns, his health went worse, so he had to leave his military life with the grade of commander. Since then, he settled down in Torrelavega, in a house called “Los Arcos” located near what is now known as four roads. Julian took part in the city life and this led him to be mayor in the period of 1861/64 and in 1870, although mayor of a village because in that time Torrelavega wasn’t a city. People who knew him pointed out that he was an important person, for his personality and cause his relation with important people like Jose Posada Herrera, who was also his relative. It is also said that in one occasion, he was in a spa, and he knew some torrelaveguenses have been arrested for political reasons. He left the spa and went to defend them. Julian died in Torrelavega on 7 February 1876, 9 days before his 60th birthday. He died at home, the place where the Modery Hotel would be located afterwards. Nineteen days after his death, the city decided to give his name to the station street. The incident took place on 26th February 1876 and although had begun in 100 years, the street have paned maintains its original name. When they made this nomination they said "In memory of the illustrious son of this village whose death is cried and as a tribute for the great and generous services to the city where he was born".

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