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Julio Hauzeur avenue

Don Jules van der Heyden Hauzeur or commonly known as Julio Hauzeur in Spain, was born on 24 December, 1822 in Liège (Belgian town near the border of Germany and the Netherlands) and he died suddenly on 29 June 1909 in Liège, at the age of 86.
His parents were Charles van der Heiden Laurent Hauzeur (1782-1845) and Marie Julie Lesoinne (1797-1837).
He arrived in Spain as a young engineer with many ideas (nephew of Adolfo Lesoinne an important person in the Reocin mine) recently graduated from the school of Mines of Liege, was who devised and submitted a report to the company proposing an installation of a smelter of zinc in Asturian Mines Arnao , and draw upon the coal of the mines. The proposal did not convince the Spanish partners of the Royal Society , Joaquín María Ferrer Cafranga y Felipe Riera Rosés, so Jules Hauzeur is forced to seek external funding, obtaining the participation of a banker and director of the National Bank of Belgium.
On 30 of March, 1853 established in Brussels, before the notary M. Bourdin, a Belgian corporation, the Royal Company Asturian mines, with the subtitle of Society for zinc production in Spain. Its purpose is the extraction of minerals such as zinc and lead, metal treatment and sale of the products were obtained as well as the exploitation of coal concessions in Aviles and other areas.
On July 1853 he was appointed director general of the society and on 22 January 1856 he got married to Marie Lamarche Hyacinthe Eugenie (1832-1876), in Liège.
In one of his daily travel to Arnao (Asturias) in 1856, he had an accident in his carriage, so he had to stay a few days in Torrelavega where he walked everyday and noted the existence of walls and walls built with calamine in the village of Reocín.
He called José Julián Peña and he told him to come with his researchers and they discovered the deposit of calamines that surfaced in the Reocín area.
For this a street in Torrelavega was named after him (the date of the street being awarded is not know exactly as there was an error at the local register). What we know is that this happened before his brother was awarded his.

Local register
A magazine of the mine of Reocín

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