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Eugenio de Lemus street

Eugenio de Lemus y Olmos was born and died in Torrelavega (Santander), (1843-1911).

He was a disciple of Luis Carlos Rivera and Domingo Martinez in the school of Painting and Printmaking at the Academy of San Fernando.
A gentleman, Don Eugenio de Lemus, then director of the National Engraving Academy, recommended his acquisition to Torrelavega´s friends. In order to to do this he moved to Madrid a commission headed by Ramon Fernandez Hontoria, which took over the artistic piece.
He received a medal of the third class section recorded in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts in 1871 and 1881, and second class in 1884 by the National playback Christ of Velazquez.
He was teacher of the Special School. He served as regent of the National Engraving between 1872 and 1893, coinciding with Bartolomé Maura, then administrator of the institution. He combined his position as ruler of the Calcografía recorder with the Mint, wrestling the post from Jose María Galvan. 
Finally, he collaborated in important series of prints of the time as the architectural monuments of Spain or the Spanish Museum of Antiquities. He also participated with engravings of painting reproduction of the late deliveries.
Eugenio de Lemus Street was opened in 1991 by the mayor Jose Gutierrez Portilla.


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History book about Torrelavega's streets

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