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Félix Apellániz Jáuregui Street

Don Félix Apellániz Jáuregui was born on July the eleventh in 1885 in Vitoria. He moved to Torrelavega in 1910 to work as an organist and priest in the church of the Asunción.

In addition to exercising his priestly duties, Félix Apellániz spent many hours teaching music theory and singing to various youth, coming to collect sets that gave a brilliance in religious ceremonies. It was also inspiring and essayist of several choral societies in Torrelavega, from female church choir, until the proceedings with the choir.

Its first performance took place in January in 1911, to mark the first anniversary of the death of his predecessor, Cándido Lucio Ramos, which already showed his musical gifts.

On January the third, in 1960, Félix Apellániz celebrated golden jubilee of priesthood, and after that on November the eleventh, in 1968 died at the Residence-Asilo. The cause, besides others, was that he couldn’t see. His death was deeply felt in the city because for the people of this city was one the best organist of the time and also had taught many people to train as musicians. Therefore, the Corporation paid tribute giving his name to an important street of the city in 1970.


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