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Juan José Ruano street

Juan José Ruano de la Sota was born on January 15, 1871 in Santander. Son of Miguel Ruano of Gallardos and Trinidad de la Sota, his mother was from Hoz de Anero (Cantabria) and his father was Malagueño. He attended secondary school at the College of the Jesuits of Carrión de los Condes who was in Palencia and Law at the University of Oviedo. He began his career as a lawyer in 1892 as a criminal lawyer intern Habencio Caraves Santander when he had not yet completed his studies. He was married to Antonia Muniz. He began his political career in 1894. Also in 1894 he was first elected municipal councilor in Santander without the 25 years required by law since then, and until the representation in parliament held by the district of Santander in 1914, developed his public activity in the City santanderino , emerging as a skilled political organizer and director of the Conservative Party's election campaign in the districts of the province. During those years, he was the local party boss in Santander. From 1914-1923 he held uninterrupted representation in the Spanish Parliament for the constituency of the capital and developed a remarkable political career. Ruano also played different positions. In 1917 he headed the Department of Public Works of Communications in 1919 and the Under Secretary of the Interior in 1920.Finalmente, in the government of José Sánchez Guerra, 1922 held, first, the Undersecretariat of Treasury, and the 4 to 7 December was fleeting Minister. . Before the coup of Primo de Rivera in September 1923, had been elected Ruano July 3 by a vote in the House of Representatives member of the Commission of twenty deputies had to investigate potential liabilities in connection with the action Spain in Morocco. During the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera stayed away from politics, devoting himself exclusively to the practice of his profession. Among other charges, Ruano also held the honorary presidency of the Ateneo, the Press Association, Commercial and Industrial Circle and The Coral de Santander and in 1912 was elected President of the Bar Association of the same city, where he served until 1916. He was also chairman of the board of Tejerías Trascueto (The Shipyard) and co-owner of the conservative daily La Atalaya Santander. Also belonged to the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation. Ruano died unexpectedly of a heart ailment on February 10, 1930 in Madrid, where he had gone the day before to meet with relevant policy of the national right in order to study the position to be taken by the Conservative Party before the situation opened following the resignation of Primo de Rivera in January of that year and the future organization of the liberal right-wing parties. At his death, conservatism mountain split into the same two existing trends at the national, conservative supporters and critics of the King (followers of Bergamin and Sánchez Guerra), the latter led by his son in Cantabria José Luis Munoz Ruano. This was also an advocate of the College of Santander since 1931, causing low on October 6 1932.Otro of his sons, John, died before his father. He had also six other daughters: Mariuca, Carmen, Angels, Maria Antonia, Rosario and Dolores.

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