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Julian Urbina

In Torrelavega there is a street named Julian Urbina. This street is located in the north of the city, and there are two linking streets: Juan José Ruano and José María de Pereda.

The name given to the street is a tribute to Julian Urbina Alegre, an illustrious city merchant, who was a mayor in 1909, 1914-1916, 1937 and her son, Julian Carrera Urbina, who also served as a mayor between 1941 and 1947.

In the early twentieth century,  Julian Urbina Alegre, who ruled a tailoring and shirting shop in other street named Consolation street, headed a delegation of 'Banco Santander' in Torrelavega, while  he was asking for a Chamber of Commerce and Indust> ry in Torrelavega. The application had been rejected previously by the Provincial Board Santander Building, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of the province of Santander, as well as by the Ministry of Development. In this negotiation, Urbina g> ot the possibility of creating a "Delegation and vote" and the promise of achieving provincial portion of the budget to maintain the new delegation.

At that time, Alfonso XIII was reigning in Spain, who,  on January 9, 1913, by a Royal Decree, approved the creation of the Chamber of Commerce. The good news spread quickly and the city celebrated it as a great feat.

Building of the Chamber of Commerce, located in La Llama Street.

Meanwhile, his son, Julian Carrera Urbina, was one of the most prestigious Cantabrian characters. He was a tireless worker, with a fighting spirit, a romantic love for his land and faithful servant of his ideals which lead him to sacrifice his wealth, st> atus and even his life to avoid  the calamities of other people. He was a victim of eight searches and imprisonment for nine days during the biennium ruled by Manuel Azaña.

Urbina Carrera founded in Torrelavega The Regional Grouping Independent, of which he was a president, he lectured in Madrid and Santander to explain their ideals; wrote newspaper articles and participated in over a hundred meetings, with great fluency> , defending the need for Spain to join the international concert of great powers ....
In Torrelavega, he showed a great talent as an organizer when he conducted the elections in November 1932.

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