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Lasaga Larreta (Ingles)

 Gregorio Lasaga Larreta was born in Viernoles in the neighbourhood of Riorriba in 1839. His parents were from there but his family came from Navarra and Tolosa. He was historian, writer and an ethnologist.

 He studied at Escolapios school of Villacarriedo for six years and then he continued his ecclesiastical studies in the seminar of Toledo but he had to leave because of his health. Later he moved to Cadiz, where he began his first literary works which were>  published in 1865 when he was twenty six years old.

Then, he returned to Cantabria and spends a los of years searching historical information; he published two of his best works: “Two memories and customs of the province of Santander” and “Monograph of Santa Maria de Yermo or a highland book”.

 After these two works he worked as a journalist in some newspaper in Torrelavega like “La Montaña” “El fomento” “El Dobra” “El impulsor” and “El Cantabrico” which is from Santander.

He devolved his life searching information about tracks of the medieval past. His most important works were “Historical, biographical and maritime copilation of the province of Santander” which is considered his most complete work and “Monograph of Santa > Maria de Yermo” which is a summary of what he learned in his studies.

 He was nominated “Académico correspondiente de la real academia de historia”

In 1902 he moved to his niece’s house in Pando Street in Torrelavega instead of he live alone and he was sick.

The 15th of September of 1902, he died at the age of 63. He was buried in Viernoles’ cementer as he has stated in his will. The street was garanted him on July 29th of 1953 being the mayor Mr. Rafael Gutierrez Velarde.


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