viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Manuel Carera (Ingles)

Manuel Carrera Puente was born in Torrelavega in 1818, he was a farmer and the lieutenant of the city, he died in 1891.
The name was given to the street for popular custom because he founded buildings of both sides of the street and because of a cession of some wordly of the city until the 16th of June in 1925, his daughter, Cecilia Carrera, asked for permission to the town hall about putting two plaques with his father´s name, one at the begin and other at the end of the street. Finally the 17th of June of the same year, the town hall accept being mayor Bonifacio del Castillo. It was not a comercial street.
Manuel Carrera had given much regard and affection to the city because he was born and he developed his life in Torrelavega.
Nowadays, a part of that family still living in the building of the street.


Information from Jose Ramon Saiz, and from the library Gabino Teira, the book 22 streets of Torrelavega.
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