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José María González Trevilla Street

José María González Trevilla was a cantabrian politician, he hold the mayoralty of Santander and he was a senator for three Spanish provinces for little less than ten years.
José María González Trevilla belonged to the “Partido Liberal”. He was a deputy and mayor of Torrelavega.
“Regidor” of the town hall of Santander for four years, he was replaced by Jose del PIñal Echaguren. In 1899 and 1902, he was the senator of the province of Lérida.
He was an administrator of the Genaral Castañeda, he had a factory of flours and the town hall bought the necessary areas for the construction of the “Instuto Marqués de Santillana”
This happen in the 30s of last century.
José María’s inheritors donated the necessary areas to build “La Avenida de España”, which was called “Bulevard de Trevilla” before.
On 28 of October 1993 it was named “Avenida de España” and “Pequeñeces” that was called “José Antonio Primo de Rivera” became “José María González Trevilla”.

Bibliography: "22 streets Torrelavega" on loan from the library book Gabino Teira (Torrelavega) and Torrelavega file records.

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