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Ceferino Calderón street

Ceferino Calderón was born in Rudagüera, Cantabria, the 23rd of August of 1843 and he died in Torrelavega, Cantabria, the 3rd of August of 1928 at the age of 84.
His father died when he was 9 years and it was his mother who took care of him and of his 9 brothers. He graduated in philosophy as an internal pupil from 1857 to 1860 and theology from 1860 to 1867. He graduated in theology in Toledo the 12th of July of 1867 and he celebrated his first mass the 4th of December of 1867 in the parish of his village, Santa María Magdalena. He worked as a professor in the Seminary of Santander to 1879, after that he came to Torrelavega.

In 1880, when he came to Torrelavega, Ceferino Started thinking about the building of the Asylum San José for old people who lived in poor houses. With contributions from the towns people, the Asylum was built and inaugurated in 1885. In 1890 ‘’las Hermanas de San José’’ began working there taking care of the residents.                                                                  
After the inauguration of the Asylum, he thought in enlarging the Church in which Ceferino prayed because it was small for solemn acts and Ceferino collected alms. The twenty-fifth of September of 1882 the first stone of the Church was putting on and the 15th of August of 1901 it was inaugurated the New Church, popularly known as the Old Church.  

The 10th of October of 1910, after an intense apostolate of 31 years and when he was 67 years, he decided to move to Burgos to live there. In 1923 he returned to Torrelavega until the day of his death. 
Ceferino Calderón's figure raised like the most representative of the religious local life of the last decades of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th, for his alive character, nobility of heart and accurate word.
One 20th of February of 1926 the Mayor Isidro Díaz Bustamante named the street "Ceferino Calderón"

Bibliography: ''Brevario biográfico Dr. D. Ceferino Calderón'' by Teodoro Andrés Marcos.

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