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Conde Torreanaz Street

The Count Torreanaz is a title acquired by Don Ramon Fernandez García, born in 1854, without knowing his exact place of birth. Though his surnames were these, he was known by those of "Fernandez Hontoria" because they were more popular in Torrelavega and in the whole region. He was the son of Remigio Fernandez Hontoria and Laura Cotera García Hoz , who were from  a numerous family, which, on the part of his grandparents, was possessing a great quantity of estates in Torrelavega's city. To emphasizing the property of The Portalada, a state that was placed between the current streets Consolación, Pedro Alonso Revuelta, Mártires and Count Torreanaz. In this one they constructed a luxurious mansion at the beginning of the 19th century.

In 1880 Don Remigio, father of D. Ramon, began the construction of a palace in the estate of his parents. This building of French style is nowadays the popular library Gabino Teira and his big gardens were occupying the surface of what is nowadays the municipal theatre Concha Espina.

D. Ramon was such a known person in Torrelavega, of who it was always said that there wasn’t either work or charitable subscription that he was not economically contributing.

He inherited  the Count De Torreanaz's title from his uncle Luís Maria de la Torre, important public figure in the regency of the queen Cristina. D. Ramon was seven times a Deputy of the Spanish Parliament and Life Senator, living habitually in Madrid, but coming back every summer to his palace in the street Mártires.

In 1929 the Chamber of Urban Property of Torrelavega, presided by D. Jaime Fernandez Diestro, proposed to give gratefulness in memory of D. Ramon and give Count De Torreanaz's name to the street call till then Street of the Pomar.

Don Ramon died in 1934 and was buried in Torrelavega.

Bibliography: Book ''22 Torrelavega Streets'' of José Izaguirre Cobo.

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