jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

Fernando Arce Street

The street goes from the crossroads of Julian Ceballos, La Llama and Bilbao to the neighborhoods of Nueva Ciudad.

It is on memory of Fernando Arce Alonso, an important lawyer, who administrates the heritage of Jaime delAmo, a wealthy Spanish-American.

He was given the name of the street in 1964, being the mayor of Torrelavega Jesus Soto Collado (uncle of Victoria Gómez). In this moment, his wife received the gold medal and she was named one of Torrelavega’s honorary citizens, for her generous donation.

The couple gave a generous donation to build a school of special education placed in the same street. Attending the call of the doctor Alejandro Palacin Poveda, about the problems of mentally handicapped. The foundation received the name of his dead son Fernando Arce Gómez, graduated in medicine.

Now this center is integrated in the foundation Asilo San Jose where it is also located  the center of youth education, Victoria Gómez.

The foundation Fernando Arce makes generous donations, like the dorm of Jaime del Amo(future University Complutense of Madrid) with a donation of 1500 books.

Fernando Arce makes his fortune with the chemist and cosmetic industry, he owned the patent of the famous “vitaminas micebrina una al dia”, he also exploited the patent of Margaret Astor laboratories.

Asuncion Mazón : Amistad con la familia Arce

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