viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Barón de Peramola street

Florencio is one of the most important politics people in the beginning of twenty century in Torrelavega.
The Peramola baron worked first in the journal Escajo and after in the liberal as journalist.He began the mayor of the city in three occasions.Florencio was born in Catalan fields where his father was Barcelona civil government.He was important as a journalist before he was a political man. He was remembered as an excellent mayor from 1901 to 1914.The important things he made as a mayor was: the water fall from Cohicillos,the mayor square rebuilding, the better look of ancha ,martires Santander and paz street. He repaired the Ganzo and Quebrantada Bridge. He built and opened the Abastos square in 1911.
He had a good relationship with Madrid and he used to change better the North station.The Sorravides river and to stables the business chamber, and he achieved that the postal service worked all year.
Florencio was the president of the Recreate society. This society bought a 360 squares meters to Demetrio Herreros because this society wanted to have a bigger garden and they changed the place of the street without name.The mayor secretary don LusiBustillo wrote on May 19th of 1908 that the city hall put the name of Barón de Peramola to this street.
The Baron of Peramola died in 1924 in his castle of Suances

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