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Painter Modinos

Francisco Modinos Páez was born in Santander in 1906 and from his childhood, he was interested in drawing and literature. At the age of seventeen he goes to Madrid, joins the Special School Of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, and the Academy of Fine Arts San Fernando, where he  studies until 1929. Next year, there is granted to him a scholarship created by the Marqueses de Valdecilla and he moved to Paris, where he will remain six years.

In 1936, he returns from the French capital, establishing for definitively in Torrelavega, being named teacher of drawing  the Institute of Average Education " Marques de Santillana ". He also taught French 
It was Modinos an assiduous collaborator of newspapers and magazines and he writes some scripts for the cinema since he was always attracted by the literary field.  This was a minor interest, since the first one,  was the painting, though unfortunately, his production was not numerous.

In addition, he set up a modest office in Torrelavega, where he was devoted….. As a result,  a high number of young people practise today what they learnt from him.

He was both a person and a painter who left a deep fingerprint in Torrelavega city even without having here familiar roots. In this city, he spend most of his life that would end up at to the age of sixty five  in 1971. A few months afterwards his name happens to form a part of the city granting a street to him for his hard work and effort and for all his legacy.

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