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Calle argumosa (Inglés)

Diego Manuel de Argumosa and Obregón was born in Cantabria Villapresente, Spain July 7 de1792 and died in Torrelavega on 23 April 1865 was a Spanish doctor who began healing the wounded who was leaving the war independentistay little by little, became pos> ts more important of surgery in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Madrid. It is also recognized because it was a great innovator in the world of surgery, the was one of which prompted the use of anesthesia.

 He was a Professor, in 1821, two years from the College of surgery of Burgos; in 1829

In 1831 he was appointed academic of the Real de Medicina.tambien Diego was driven slowly in politics and in turn became second Mayor of Madrid and Deputy for the province of Madrid during the years 1836 and 1837. He was named doctor of Chamber of Queen sabel II, who never exercised, by their own free will.

In 1836, in view of its large and undeniable merits, he was elected surgeon more the Hospital General of Madrid and in 1845 appointed to Professor of surgical clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of the same city. Separated from the Chair in 1854 by politica intrigue, though two years later wanted to replace it in his Office who asked him but he withdrew and I retired to rest in his native land.

 He published his book overview of surgery in 1856, all about what he had learned from his Office throughout his time as a surgeon.

C/Argumosa was made in 1871 to commemorate to Diego de Argumosa by all the facts and merits achieved, at the same time that got throughout his life. This street was built when he was mayor in Torrelavega, Joaquín Fernández blacksmiths who was elected on May 2, 1933, thus succeeding the first mayor of the second Republic.

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