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Pedro Alonso Revuelta Street

Pedro Alonso Revuelta was born in Villapresente village in 1854. As a child he knew clear what he wanted to be in the future, a doctor. He studied in Valladolid where he studied a degree in medicine. He worked as a forensic and them he was in working at old people’s home in Torrelavega. He was very popular in Torrelavega, The inhabitants of the city loved him, they gave him the title of the poor people`s doctor. He fought very hard against the spread of flu, helping and looking after anyone in his hands.

A street we named after him by the Mayor Abascal because of his good actions, he gave him the street in 1930 which it calls like his name ``Pedro Alonso Revuelta´´. In the old days it was called the Tropiezo street. The street is the city center of Torrelavega, where the Concha Espina theatre is. Pedro Alonso Revuelta street connects Martires street with Consolacion street. At this street there was one of the few houses in the ancient Village, which coats and hailstones are in the Martire´s street nowdays.

He worked as a doctor until he was very old. He died at the age of 75 in his house in Jose Maria de Pereda street.

Bibliography: Ricardo Bueno 

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