jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

Antonio Bartolome Suarez street

Bartolome Antonio Suarez was born on August 6, 1907 in Reocín, in a miners`s family. He contributed to the historical investigation of Cantabria when on February 8, 1957 he discovered the most important documentation famous Lawsuit of the Valleys. Antonio`s intelligence was discovered by the masters of his hometown, and in 1918, when he was 11 years old, he joined  Corban`s seminar until 1923, when he decided to leave the seminary. Bartolomé had several jobs. In 1932, SAM was founded, and started working there. When the industrial production of SAM was increaring, Antonio Bartolome started to work as lacteal inspector crossing all the villages in which the company supported positions of withdrawal of milk. His talent like writer and journalist bejan in novemberm, 1952, when the dairy cooperative created his magazine called "SAM". Bartolome took charge carrying out several paragraphs. In 1987 he compiled several notes that had been gathering in the towns  of Cantabria and he published them in the firstqualifield volume "anednotario Montañes". On June 13, 2001  the work highlights character summany of Antonio Bartolomé works. The Assembly of partners of the cooperative SAM, and in merit of his 46 years working with the factory magazine, produced a multitudinous honoring where he was given a commemorative placa. He died in Torrelavega on September 21, 1999 at the age of 92 , and after his death Torrelavega City Council gave his nameto Arch North of the Boulevard Ronda of the city.

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