viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Jose Felipe Quijano street

Jose Felipe Quijano was born in Los Corrales de Buelna, on december 1804. With only 20 years old he became an orphan and he had tolook after his six brothers. He became an attorney and cultivated the politics. He was a liberal but he was always loyal to Fernando VII, becoming the comander of de battalion of realistic volunteers from Molledo. Since 1830 he combined these activities with job as as attorney. He was an attorney of the royal academy of theorical practical jurisprundence. He was comissioner of mounts and ways, individual of the royal Cantabrian company, delegated provincial by Torrelavega, delegated in spanish parlament, gentleman os Carlos III, and mayor of Torrelavega between 1852 and 1854.
Jose Felipe is one example of a person that settled down in Torrelavega and turned in one of his big valeedors. He came into our village in 1842 when he managed to be procurador sindico general for a little time. Later he rebuilt the jail, built the town hall, improve the stone pavement of many streets abd stablished the FFCC in Torrelavega.
He defended Torrelavega in front of the town halls pretentions, wich in 1835 separated.
On 10 th October 1842 in the curch “La Virgen Grnde” he and Rafaela got married. They lived in the Ancha street in an old house with garden. But his happiness didn´t laste too much because on 22 nd June 1859. He died in Torrelavega at age of 54. He had two sons, Jose Maria and Gilberto.

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