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Luciano Demetrio Herrero Proigas Street

Mr. Luciano Demetrio Herrero Proigas, is son of Luciano Demetrio Herrero Gonzalez and Rosa Proigas. His father was from Cantabria, and his mother was from Cuba.

Luciano Demetrio was a litle rich, like his father, because he worked in south America.

When Luciano Demetrio come back to torrelavega in the IX century, he found a company of photografy.

Luciano Demetrio Herrero, like his father and his uncle the mayor  Santiago Gervasio Herrero, was republican.

He was bussinesman  in naval stock. Luciano was the thirth richest person of Torrelavega in 1921.

Luciano Demetrio Herrero was city councilman, of Torrelavega whit 148 votes of the center of the town.

His mains deed were two,

  • Mr. Luciano Demetrio Herreo gave, his garden to the city of Torrelavega, in 1903. Befote that this piece of land was called “finca del Majuelo.”
  • Mr. Luciano Demetrio Herrero, sold his palace to the city council, in 1925 for the insignificant price of 275.000 pesetas, to put heart the town center. When Mr. Isidro Bustamante was the mayor of the Town.
In last place Luciano Demetrio Herrero went to Madrid, whit his family. 
He only came to Torrelavega in summer.

Luciano Demetrio Herrero died in August of 1949 in Torrelavega.

The town of Torrelavega decided put the name of Luciano Demetro Herrero, to the main street, in the 28 of October 1983. When Mr. Manuel Rotella was the mayor of the town.

At the same time, the town decide to give the title of “hijo predilecto the Torrelavega.”

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