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Garcilaso de la Vega Street

 He was born in Santillana del Mar in 1280, he held an important political position during the reign of Alfonso XI. He was “adelantado mayor” y “merino mayor” of the king from 1315 to his death. Some of the most important  things he had done in his political career were the achievement of the privacy of the king, his membership to the Consejo Real  and  the obtaining of the señorio of Vizcaya on behalf of Doña María, mother of the Infante Don Juan.
He belonged  to the Casa de la Vega, a Spanish lineage from the Middle Ages. This lineage was from Torrelavega and it was one of the most important lineages from the territory which consists of the present provinces of Cantabria, Palencia y Burgos. They dominated a lot of territories and properties, we can point the Torre de la Vega and the Castillo of Argüeso. Garcilaso was Señor de la Vega and the major drive of the powerful Señorío de la Vega. He had numerous properties in Asturias de Santillana (an historical region situated in the present autonomous communities of Cantabria and Asturias). The centre of this Señorio was La Casa de la Vega, apart from servants in several places.
 He was father of Garcilaso de la Vega II “El Joven” who was famous for his exploits in the Batalla de Salado. Alfonso XI gave to La Casa de la Vega the original coat of arms of the family with the inscription “AVE MARIA GRATIA PLENA” thanks to this exploits. The present coat of arms of Torrelavega  looks like the coat of arms of La Casa de la Vega. He was also the great grandfather of Leonor de la Vega, Marqués de Santillana´s mother.
 Garcilaso died in 1336 when he moved to Soria to find allies to fight versus the Infante Juan Manuel who caused many problems in the territories of the king. Some knights of the city killed him with a crossbow and they tore him when he went to the San Francisco´s church. The king Alfonso XI harmed the culprits, killing them.
Garcilaso wasn´t only an important personage in Torrelavega, he was also important all around Spain and his family was one of the most important and respectable  lineages of  the Spanish history.  Garcilaso´s street is an homage to La Casa de la Vega and not only to Garcilaso. This street shows the gratitude of Torrelavega to this lineage because it gave Torrelavega the importance that it deserves.

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