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Pedro Lorenzo Molleda street

He was born in Torrelavega in 1896, he was  of Agustín Lorenzo Gil and Valentina Molleda Ugarte´s son.
He married  Avelina García and he had three children: Alfredo that continued with the family business in “ la plaza de  Abastos” ; Ricardo , a famous architect  known for designing the buildings of the Chamber of Trade and the Circle of Torrelavega´s Playtime or the school of the Agustinos in Santander; and Soledad,  a famous gallerist who lives in Madrid.
He devotes himself to the family business,- a factory of sausages- and  he gets into politics, he was  the mayor during the Second Republic, since  21st  February 1936 until 7th October 1937.  With a few friends he is co-founder of the Popular Library of Torrelavega.
He was good friend of  great and bright  intellectuals such as  Rafael Alberdi, Mauro Muriedas, Pisano and  José Luis Hidalgo.
During the Spanish Civil war he helped economically many republicans who had remained surrounded during his summer vacations in Suances.
Chased after the Civil War, he was sentenced to death, a sorrow that is damaged because he was sent to the Provincial Prison of Santander where he stayed for many years. After his release from prison  he exiles with his family in Barcelona.
Finally,  he rebuilt  his life in Madrid, where he died in 1980.  The Torrelavega Municipal Corporation recognizes the figure of Pedro Lorenzo  dedicating a street in the middle  of the 80s, being  mayor at the time José Gutiérrez Portilla.
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Interviews granted by Soledad Lorenzo to the magazine of Caja Cantabria and to the Diario Montañes.

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