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José Lucio Mediavilla Street

He was born in Torrelavega in 1890.When he was a child he was vary skillful at music.
His father found it out , so he began his studies of music in Torrelavega, and he finished it in the Real Conservatory of Madrid
After that, he was first violinist in the palace “La Zarzuela” in Madrid
Falla chose him for the premiere of “Amor Brujo” in Valencia and Barcelona
He lived in Rome and worked as a conductor, pianist and compositer for many years
In Rome he also wrote a lot of works inspired by typical music of Cantabria.
He wrote several works such as “La Capa Blanca”, “Pícaros Estudiantes” or “Aires de la montaña”
Many of his works was performed by: “Raquel Meyer” “La Fornarina” and “La Goya”
He sagn with the piano like “Hipólito Lázaro” “Miguel Fleta” and “Pastora Imperio”
He is the writer of the “Real Sociedad Gimnástica” authem. It is one of the oldest authems in the Spanish football
He came again to Torrelavega in 1932 and he was in charge of the orfeón torrelaveguense where he introduced zarzuelas
He died in Torrelavega in 1958.

One street in Torrelavega was named after him in 1983 being the mayor of the city was D.Manuel Teira Fernández.

Municipal files of Torrelavega
Book: "Enciclopedia de Cantabria" municipal library of Torrelavega "Gabino Teira"

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